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Sales and listings increased slightly from February but  listings remain low, except for houses. Average sale price was down for houses but up for condos townhomes.

Demand for listings over $3M has dropped substantially since the introduction of the Foreign Buyers Tax in August 2016.

Luxury Sales (over $3M) peaked in Apr'16 at 185 and are down to 35 sales in March, which is 48% less than a year ago and equal to Marcch 2013.


LISTINGS - Total West Side listings clocked in at 1,686 which is 3.5% higher than a year ago.

The peak in 2017 was July with 1961 listings.

Houses - 810 listings and the lowest since Mar'15.. Up 29% from a year ago.

Townhomes - 143 listings, up 15% from a year ago

Condos - 733, down 16% from a year ago.  May'14 had 2,239 and listings have been on a decline since then. 

SALES - Total sales were 436 which is up from 417 in Feb and down 27% from a year ago.

Sales peaked in Mar'16 at 981.

Houses had only 53 sales, down 42% from a year ago.  Best month in 2017 was May with 186. The peak was June 2015 with 236 sales. This is the lowest point for sales since Nov'08.

Townhomes - 31 sales, down 45% from a year ago. Sales peaked in May'17 at 67. Apr'15 had 84 sales which is the best month over the last 4 years.

Condos - 352 sales, 22% less than a year ago. Sales peaked in May'17 with 527.  Mar'16 was the best month over the last 4 years with 683 sales. 

AVERAGE SALE PRICE - down to $1.354.000 and equal to a year ago. Overall sale price hit an all time high at $1.734.000 in October 2017 and In Apr'16 it was $1.728.000.

Condos - $1.36,000 which is 20% higher than a year ago but lower than Jan'18.

Jan'14 ASP was $631,000. 

Houses - $3.3M, down 11% from a year ago. The peak was Oct'17 at $4.4M 

Jan'14 ASP was $2.7M.

Townhomes - $1.5M, up 17% from a year ago Jan'18 was a record high.at $1.7M

Jan'14 ASP was $855,000.














Best Selling Price Range

townhomes $1.5M to $1.6M


houses $3M+


Luxury Sales Over $3M in 2017

condos - 86

townhomes - 19

houses - 685

Luxury Sales Over $3M in 2018 YTD

condos - 18

townhomes - 2

houses - 69


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