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Overall sales and average sale price trended down in July, whilst listings increased

Listings are now on par with the end of 2014.

Average sale price dropped for houses , increased for  townhomes and flat for condos.

Demand for luxury condos (over $3M) has dropped substantially since the introduction of the Foreign Buyers Tax in August 2016.

Condo Sales over $3M in July'18 are the lowest they've been since Feb'15 and 25% less than a year ago.

Condo sales between $2M and $3M have declined 25% from a year ago

Condo sales between $1M and $2M are down 21% from a year ago and equal to July'15.

LISTINGS - Total West Side listings clocked in at 2,328 (up from 1,686 in March) which is 16% higher than a year ago and the most listings we've had since Oct'15

Houses - 864 listings , up 7% from a year ago.

Townhomes - 199 listings, up 22% from a year ago

Condos - 1,220 up 22% from a year ago and the highest sinced Nov'15

SALES - Total sales were 391 which is down 23% from a year ago.

Sales peaked in Mar'16 at 981.

Houses had 57 sales, down 23% from a year ago.  The peak was June 2016 with 236 sales. 

Townhomes - 39 sales, down 2.5% from a year ago. Sales peaked in Apr'15 at 84.

Condos - 295 sales, 25% less than a year ago. Sales peaked in Mar'16 with 683,

AVERAGE SALE PRICE -  $1.310.000, down 13% from a year ago.

Overall sale price hit an all time high at $1.734.000 in October 2017. 

Condos - $935,000 which is 5% lower than a year ago

Jan'14 ASP was $631,000. 

Houses - $3.2M, down 28% from a year ago. The peak was Oct'17 at $4.4M 

Jan'14 ASP was $2.7M.

Townhomes - $1.364.000, up 5% from a year ago 

Jan'14 ASP was $855,000.


Best Selling Price Range

townhomes $1.2M-$1.3M and $1.5M to $1.6M


houses $3M+

Luxury Sales Over $3M in 2017

condos - 86

townhomes - 19

houses - 685

Luxury Sales Over $3M in 2018 YTD

condos - 7

townhomes - 1

houses - 52

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